Data release information

The current data release is v0.1

Generated on 2020-01-29

Association testing was done using UKBPheWAS v0.1

The analysis was restricted to autosomal genes. Genetic quality control is briefly described in the accompanying manuscript and was described in further details elsewhere. A total of 413,083 of European genetic ancestry were included for the PheWAS. The latest hospitalization episode was on 2016-03-01 for the current data release.

API Documentation

Programmatic access to ExPheWas results is provided through a web API. This makes is easy to use any programming language or the command line (e.g. using cURL on UNIX-based systems). Every entry from the API documentation is accompanied by a dynamically populated example (blue buttons in the table below). Clicking the "Example" button will show a sample request using the curl command along with live results from the API. For Python users, we suggest looking at the requests library to facilitate programmatic access. For now, all API endpoints use JSON as the content-type. This format is widely supported by modern programming languages. For specific applications that may require high throughput access, contact the authors for the possibility of deploying local instances.

The API root is: ''

Resource Description Parameters
GET /metadata Get information for the data release currently available through the API.
Query results by outcome
GET /outcome Get a list of outcomes
GET /outcome/<id>/results Get all gene association statistics for an outcome.
  • id The outcome identifier
  • variance_pct Percentage of variance explained by the PCs (default: 95)
GET /outcome/venn Get number of shared associated genes for an arbitrary number of outcomes.
  • outcomes List of outcomes delimited by ';'
  • q The Q-value threshold to call an association 'significant' (default: 0.05)
Query results by gene and utilities for cross referencing
GET /gene Get name strand and location of a gene.
GET /gene/name/<name> Get gene information by name. Used for cross-referencing.
GET /gene/ensembl/<ensg> Get gene information by Ensembl ID. Used for cross-referencing.
GET /gene/<ensg>/results Get results for a gene given its Ensembl ID.
GET /gene/<ensg>/xrefs Get cross references to other external databases from an Ensembl gene ID.